by Pete Davis



This is an acoustic version of the Invalids album that will be released simultaneously if I can do the rest of the songs in time. Otherwise I'll release it afterward.



released January 31, 2012

P Davis: all



all rights reserved


Pete Davis Princeton, New Jersey

I am a musician and flavor chemist. I have been writing and recording my own music since 2002, always doing everything myself. I live in Princeton, NJ.

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Track Name: Sherman Is Connector
What are you gonna do this weekend?
What are you gonna do with your life?
Standing next to a bookcase
Standing next to a mirror
Standing over the balcony at night

Saved up
Change for a whole year
Clothes in the dryer
Bed in the elevator
Hands are cold
Your breath is cold

Is it coming tomorrow?
Sleeping in to keep us grounded here
Is it over tomorrow?
Cause you couldn’t believe it’s still going
Said it’s coming tomorrow
Said you wouldn’t believe in anything
Said it’s over tomorrow
What you came to believe in anyway
Stayed up late
To celebrate we’re still awake

Mom found out
She grounded us

Pen smeared across your palm
Showed up naked to class
Tossing, turning back and forth
Fence you climbed over last fall
They put a wire frame
Your feet won’t fit inside the holes
Now you’d better leave it running
You’d better hold it in
You’d better swing it back and forth
Space, a stray meteoroid
Caught the corner of your eye
So insignificant, the whole
You never felt so small

Scribbled down your name to apply
Sulked inside

Kissed her in the car
And she tore you to pieces
When she left you, she left you

Store we visited downtown
Put up a dozen signs
We saw them taking them back down
Dove into the stereo
And cracked your head open
Are your ears still ringing now?
Spring, you took the jar from the shelf
The living room table
Was covered up all afternoon
When you took it to the bank,
You’d saved two hundred bucks
You’d never held so much at once before
And you bought something nice
Track Name: Diastole
In time we learned to wait
To gather all the leaves
Until the last one fell
Away from the tree

Over my shoulder I saw
You looking back over yours
How easy would it be now
That we know what we know?

All this time we spent waiting around
Putting off all the issues too big to face
In favor of the smallest of things that we could actually do
To feel as though we tried something
At least we know we did something

Hushed by the sound
Of your diastole
Tenuous the grasp
Til we were asked to leave

It’s not keeping it so you won’t forget
It’s letting yourself believe you won’t
It’s not welcoming sunlight through the shades
It’s getting yourself up out of bed
It’s not realizing just how bad it was
It’s realizing just how bad it gets

We last spoke about the future
And doesn’t it seem naive
All the things we thought we’d see?

In time we learned to let
The closest ones see
What we’d been hiding
Underneath the fallen leaves

Outside my window I saw
No one was looking out yours
The best that I could explain
You finally packed your things and moved away

All this time wondering who’d be there
If we’d just gone and knocked on the door
But we just rationalized that probably you weren’t home

At least you know we thought of you
At least we know we did something
Track Name: School Social
Dragged me up
I tried taking you out
Showed up on my bike
You look lovely tonight
And we chased the daylight
Guess it got away

And I found you looking at the floor
Shut out
Leaning closest to the door
You carry yourself
You know all our shoes are leaving marks
On the gym floor
It takes three days to clean them off
I would know, my summer job
We carried ourselves well

I took you back home under the street lights
Waited up all night
Asked if you had a good time
But you couldn’t lie
And you just smiled