Tentatively Self​-​titled

by Pete Davis



This is the first album I ever recorded. This and the next three albums were originally recorded at the specified release date, but the original recordings were terrible (I had no idea how to record things or sing on recording). I redid them a few years later, but kept the same release dates to give chronological perspective. I am now redoing them again. This is the third iteration of this album.

I used to go by the Comb-overs, but that was stupid, so I stopped.

I wrote this when I was in 9th grade. I was 15.


released December 29, 2001

P Davis: everything



all rights reserved


Pete Davis Princeton, New Jersey

I am a musician and flavor chemist. I have been writing and recording my own music since 2002, always doing everything myself. I live in Princeton, NJ.

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Track Name: And So You Exist No More
Sit down, keep your mouth shut.
Distance me with another altercation.
Disregard my feelings, my fears, just throw them all away.
So I can learn to be just like you.

Out with the comfort and face the wall forgotten.
Cover your ears and cherish the silence.
You exist no more, for nobody loves you here.
'Til death do us part and it's not that far away.

Lash out, be still.
This doesn't concern you, you've no right to interfere.
Solace evades me. I've been here before.
Then again, I never left.

Out with the feeling, there's nowhere to turn.
Cover your eyes and make the rest up.
You exist no more, for nobody loves you here.
Release the hold, and run that far away.

Time yourself to the tick of the bomb.
It will be your best friend if you desire.
Make way for your encumbrances, let them get a hold of you.
Count back from 100, you'll never sleep better.
Track Name: 20 Says
Simple is as simple does. Consider me this simpleton,
Drowning in the waves of your difficulty.
Screaming out and screaming from
A place you never thought to look.
At this first glance, I’m here, I’m gone.
Maybe I’m just scared of going under,
And maybe I’m afraid to hold on…

But how did you learn to be so bold?
When did your breath become so cold?
Why did you still sell yourself sold?

I spit these words that fly too fast,
And crash at the lump in my throat.
Some broken teeth and no lips breached,
But I’m still here.
So please hold still my shaking hands,
And let me have that puzzled look.
It’s like a bullet in the chest.
Maybe if I’m lucky my ribs will hold it back,
20 says it goes right through, (and out the other side).

But who were you aiming for this time?
When did your path cross that of mine?
Not all can justify their crimes.

Why can’t I forget your every word?
Why can’t I think; why can’t I sleep?
Why can’t I leave this mess as is?
Why can’t I learn; why can’t I speak?

Simple is as simple does. Consider me simple enough,
To creep inside your head and move some things around.
Then I’m free, then I wake up.
Give the tests I’m making up.
But knowing me I’ll get them wrong.
I’m sure it’s not a problem that needs solving,
But a question of uncertainty…

Can you see me drink this poisoned glass?
Can you see me down here fading fast?
Will you make sure that this time’s my last?
Track Name: Chalked Inscriptions
Step right up and see the wonders of your careless life, found partly used, but still in mint condition.
When your wallet's as fat as your chances, put your name down on the list.
Buy your sadness, and place it on the shelf next to your failings and trophies of shame. Suck it up and pull your own strings.

Stand in single-file, uniforms and ornaments, clinging to the walls of the spotless room where guns are secured just inches from our heads, and we know what happens when something goes wrong.
Clip the green wire. No the red one, no the blue. No, you're done for.

And you become the same protruding stain. The same crowd-pleasing chalked inscriptions. The same set of limited-time-only human playset combos, broken down and compressed into bite-size stacking toy blocks where the engines of our sisters still remain. Yeah, she purrs like a drowning kitten.

Step right up and witness the glory of the cure for the common concern. May I have a volunteer?
Track Name: Please
Pay no mind if I make a face, I'm just trying to figure out what went wrong. Where did I stray? When did you make the promises that set you back.

Blindfold me and go drop me off in an empty field with a matchbook and a picture of you that says "do the math," well do what you will.

When you wake up in chains,
When you wake up in flames,
Or beneath the waves,
It can ruin your day.

But I can't calm the waters,
Hell I can't even swim,
And I seem to be farther
Than the tide carries in.

Line one says "here's the reason:"
Line two is blurred.

You're a puzzle that I can't piece together. I've tried and I've tried, but there's still empty space. The letters line up, but the words aren't in place, so please fill me in and do one more thing.

Don't let me be that which you choose to ignore. Nothing lasts forever unless it's not yours, so give me a hand 'cause I've got nothing left.
Track Name: Limp
Make up your mind, I know it's hard to choose.
Just face it man, she won't go for you.
So re-comb your hair, a smiling stare, you've nothing to prove.
Sink under your skin, find comfort in that you'll never lose.

Learn to stay back, pound on the glass 'cause she smiled at you.
But wait 'til she goes, 'cause she'll never know just what you've been through.
You're nothing to hid, so wash out your eyes, they'll turn black and blue.
Sing all your songs, right all your wrongs. Your dreams won't come true.

You're lonelier than, and hopeless again, but the difference is huge.
A shot to the heart, a limp from the start, but the race isn't through.
You'll hang on her words, you'll hang from the boards that hold up the room.
So deal with it kid, 'cause she never did know what she's done to you.

Your story's so sad. It's really too bad that nobody knew.
The passing of time, the sound of the rhyme, and we're all just like you.
Track Name: Gibberish
You have to trust the you put your faith in the right place when you give it away.
When you close your eyes, you have to believe that I'm still here and will never go.
Wake up from this dream state. You're lucid, you're losing it.
The sun rose while you were sleeping, but dropped down forever.

In God we trust, in God we tried, in God we failed, in God we lied.

I have every reason and right to be skeptical that what we may hope for has any chance of coming.

We pile the bricks but we don't lay the walls. We wait here all day, but don't answer the calls. The lines that we love, the words that we keep; the only gibberish we know. It means nothing.

And we have to believe that anyone cares.
And we have to believe there's something out there.
And we have to believe that's someone upstairs making all that noise.

And we have to believe that we know what we need, that there's no such thing as uncertainty, but it's the only thing that's guaranteed, but it's no use.

And you have to believe that will has a way of keeping us sane.