The Waterworks (demo)

by Pete Davis



This is the fourth release. This is the first album that uses all songs to tell a cohesive story, and set the precedent for future albums to do the same. A bit darker than previous works.


released January 1, 2004

P Davis: everything



all rights reserved


Pete Davis Princeton, New Jersey

I am a musician and flavor chemist. I have been writing and recording my own music since 2002, always doing everything myself. I live in Princeton, NJ.

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Track Name: Synopsis
You and me will get this thing figured out.
All it needs to fix this position of doubt,
Between the lines...

You can't admit that you never felt,
a thing this time, and I abide,
I can't say that I never knew what this could mean.
And looking back on our first days,
This empty vessel filling space,
So eager to learn this phrase
And learn it well.

Say what you mean, do what you say,
There's no time for mental games.
Months of delay, petty relay,
To everybody's comfort zone.
Say what you mean, do what you say,
I meant for it to go this way.
Feel the relief, feel the relief,
A brief synopsis:
Fell free to leave as this could get
Long and sap-filled and misty.
Cut the circuit, light goes off,
Traffic slows, the traffic stops.
Say what you mean, do what you say,
There's no time for anything.
We've faced it all and thus here it comes.

(It's not your fault)

Would you pray for life this time; would you live for death again?
Would you pray for life this time; would you live for death again?
Would you smile like you used to do when I'd tell you the better things?
Would you close your eyes when the bad part comes...

Between you and me, and this trite dialogue ruins the scene?
And these lines that you fear the most of any are the ones that come through.

Say what you mean, do what you say,
Honesty for once, baby.
Say what you mean, do what you say,
Say anything, say anything.
Say what you mean, do what you say,
Don't give up on me just yet,
Say what you mean, do what you say,
All my earnings gone to bet
On number 5, he gallops the wrong way and collides.

What started with our vanguard ways to lose our innocence,
We're becoming seasoned veterans, we're getting more experienced,
On these empty battle fields that we traversed a hundred times,
With shrapnel in our legs and loss of sight.

You and me have got this thing figured out.
Honestly, what could have led us to doubt?
Track Name: You Make Me Sick
Hello, nice to meet you, I'm new around here.
Could you show me around? Say, has anyone ever

Told you about those pearly eyes?
Or warned you of the trouble they could cause
To someone like me 'cause I'm falling already

Would you happen to have some insulin
Or a paper bag to
Stop my heavy breathing,
Or an aspirin for my head?

You're so sweet that I'm hyperglycemic.
You're so bright that I'm jaundiced and burnt.
The sight of your face gave me astigmatism.
Face it darling, you make me sick of time without you.

Just smile at the Pearly Gates
And subtly drop my name
And I'll meet you there with a halo and a bouquet.

Will you accept this plea
For your hand to
Cure me
I'll wait lifetimes for you
If you'll come through

Your warm touch made me paraplegic.
Your attention gives me tachycardia.
Sleep apnea wakes me and you come to mind,
I'm choking to breathe you in.

I'm coughing up my lungs
To make a place for you beside my heart.
Track Name: Careful
Turn your head this way to see a sore sight again. Turn your eyes around into the back of your head until I am dead or underground

Because your looks could kill
And your smile could drown
Anyone in this town
That tries to play dead

And manage to say you'll be around some day if we're letting you in,
You're cold, you're pale, your brittle bones are frail
You poor thing, you'll catch a cold if you're not careful.

I'll sneak behind you and breathe down your neck. Be calm, it's just the wind whispering your name. You'll be so famous around here.

One day at a time,
I'll be reeling you in
You can squirm all you want,
But I've got you by the scales

And I will say that I'll visit today, if you're shutting me out
And shutting your mouth. Well mine is glued, so now we'll see who really has the nerves to leave lips loose
The temerity to choose
What can and can't we do
Don't leave things up to me
We'll never see it through
Track Name: It's Really Happening
Listen my dear, isn't that the most beautiful thing that you've ever heard?

The sound of your voice just now, it was so peculiar.
Track Name: Without Reason
Yes, I know that it's been overstated,
but can I state it one more time?
Yes, I know it's been a long while,
But would it hurt to keep it that way?
And yes, I know that you know
lots of things just as well.
But will you know that
I would never let you use me as a raft,
if I didn't didn't know
you'd never wash ashore if I did not?
Will you, that I'd never stand
before you in this chamber to protect you,
if I didn't know for sure that you would
be filled so soon with iron spikes?
You know I woulnd't hurt you without reason.
You know I wouldn't take your life for mine.
You know all sorts of things, I know.
And you've felt all sorts of things, and so
I wonder if you know
you never have to feel them anymore.
I know that it's been overstated,
I know that maybe it's not fair.
But I just want to know for sure,
That you would never hurt me without reason.
Track Name: Rubber Hose
Forgive me, darling, for staring off
Forgive me, darling, I haven't slept in days
Up for weeks by now, I wrote you a letter
But of the ones I kept, not one knows the words I'm still looking for.

I'd ask you if your ends are commonplace amongst everyone
I'd swear that your means aren't justified
I'd wake up during surgery to kiss your eyelids if the anesthetic stays
Until you're taking swings

I admit this one, I catalyze all of this
Animosity, maneuvering back and forth
Forgive me a thousand times, like those thousand before
I'm just a rubber hose, and I'm trying to work out the kinks

I'm a hole in this thousand pound pail,
A crack in the dam barely holding back the waterworks
And this business is dry, and my tongue is trick-tied
The glory of no-man's-land
Where I stay day and night
With my eyes wrapped in silver twine
So all the clouds I see are lined
Yours are just above you and raining all the time

Forgive me, darling, for everything
I've given it and you all the thought I can give
Forgive me, darling, I don't see things
The way we're supposed to, I need you to see for me
Track Name: Document #29
Baby, I know how you get sometimes.

Would you please do this for me?
Would you please be this for me?
Would you say everything you meant?
Would you do everything you said?
Would you be everything you can't?
Couldn't be; You wouldn't mean anything to me.

Baby, I know how you get sometimes.
Baby, I know how I get sometimes.
Track Name: Go On
Every building in this town's on fire
The telephone's coronary lines are jammed
The operator has gone into cardiac arrest

The sidewalk's crumbling
The traffic lights are blind
Orators mumbling
And sunshine on the front page of the Times.
Well, nothing's news anymore

The mayor has been booted out,
The devil's on his knees
The banker's counting with his hands
The priests do as they please
The army man is cowered in the corner

The blaze is through the roof
The roof is caving in
In the place of man
Man your battle stations
Stationary pictures
Pictures of our conquest
Conquest over conceit
Concede all this failure
Failure to recapture
Capture all your comrades
Comrades flee like worries
When you're faced with what you are,
Why do you worry like you do?

Have you tapped out?

The city lights are burning bright, illuminate the dead of night, and deadbeats that all gathered here when the town forgot its name.

Maybe we should go our separate ways.

Go on, pack your things, I think it's time to go.
Don your Sunday best, we're getting out of here.
Finish stealing towels and say your goodbyes to the neighbors.
No one wants to see your face around here again.

And nobody will answer if you call
(sunshine on the front page of the Times...)
Track Name: Threes and Fives
Honey, wake up, the sun’s about to rise.
You’ve got to stop shaking so violently,
Lest you strike a nerve.
Your meaning’s so diverse.
And you can’t look me in the eye when I’m speaking.
It’s just like you not to care.
Say what you mean, do what you say,
It’s hard for me to remember so long, when we were strong, and so alive,
And we breathed in threes and fives.
When we touched it burned the skies and my fingertips. I’d love to have hated you.
And this is what I get when I’m dying from diseases,
You’re stricken with a virus, and wounds in all your places.
And when I’m gone through heartbreak, your all is maimed and broken,
When I cry you drown yourself, well this is it.
It’s always something with you.
Track Name: I Don't Really Know What You're Doing Here
It's always something with you isn't it?
You look every single horse in the mouth
That you can find.

Just think of the times when you loved it and I know that you did.
I used to love your stupid smile, and the names that you'd call me
And you always called me

I never got the chance to redeem myself
You sit engraving my words so that they're set in stone

And holding your hand, with that delicate touch, never let me go
Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, your lovers on top of you

Because the best place to hide is in plain sight.
Your silence never backs up your lies
You had your chance, you had your shot
I never had mine

Just think of the times you held it in
How was I to know
What could I have known?
What could you have shown?
What do you really have to lose but me?

And it's not like you'd never resurface,
Maybe you don't realize,
Maybe I don't know a single thing about myself,
But you sure do, and you never clue me in
Never straight answers, just tune me out

Well I'm sick of me, and I'm sick of you
I'm tired of all this drama and I'm tired of this abuse
Is this what you want? Is this all you want?
As I know I've heard you say yourself
I don't really know what you're doing here.
I don't really know what you're doing with me.

(so this is it...)
(it's always something)
Track Name: Old Mason
Hello, this is your 'just friend,'
I'm glad you had the heart to call.
I couldnt' make it to the phone without kicking the stool beneath on which my neck relies to keep me alive,
So if you'd leave it at the beep I'll try to delete it as soon as I get the chance.

I'll be in the basement leave the light chord hanging low.

You don't want to see this face I'll make,
You won't live with my mistake.
You'll be so uptight, another night to spend with me feeding from old mason jars so I might survive.

I knew a lonely man, he had twelve dozen friends.
He shook the hands of weaker men,
Would you know who he's weaker than?

A smile sustains his limit of good humor,
Smiling when you'd ask how did he do,
Or anything that comes to mind at all.

And when he returned home at night, his hat hung by the door...

And hanged in the living room,
And on his back porch,
We swear we'd hear him screaming to the night sky,
And nobody ever knew why.
He just wanted someone to scream back.