Grace EP (demo)

by Pete Davis



I am in the process of re-recording all of my older albums; I am doing them chronologically and will upload them as I finish (hence the 'demo' tags on some of the albums).


released June 1, 2007

All songs written, recorded, and performed by P Davis, except for additional vocals by L and C Pfeiffer. Art by David Derr.



all rights reserved


Pete Davis Princeton, New Jersey

I am a musician and flavor chemist. I have been writing and recording my own music since 2002, always doing everything myself. I live in Princeton, NJ.

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Track Name: Soliloquy
No, it's okay, I will sit alone,
If there is not a place for me.
I'll take my lunch outside today,
where I can stay and think of you,
and wonder what you think,
and wonder if you notice me.
And can I walk you home from school?

I'd wish for the houses and sidewalks to be forever lost and dried into a desert,
and everything was a mirage.
And we still had miles left before we arrived,
but we would never make it there.
Just try and stop me now.
And we were alone,
and nobody could ever keep me from cherishing every word that left your lips,
the broken wings of a songbird can't support it, but it was never meant to fly that far away from you.

Oh, you're such a child you live in your dreams and you shall wake one day as a fool. You will love what couldn't love you.

It's no surprise that she,
Can't see you just as you see her.
With just a simple goodbye, and you're all alone.
Why don't you disappear?
You mean nothing to her anyway.
Won't she see what she's missed when you waste away?

Save your breath at last, for when you're calling her house, and ask if she's there.
Hear the smile on her face, how glad she is to be hearing your poor voice again.

Set the stage, the scene's about to start.
The lighting is just right for you.
And when the curtain calls,
We sense excitement from the way you stand so still,
we feel the tension and anxiety when you start to speak your soliloquy.

If we could open our arms to comfort everyone we would feel emptiness in our hands.
We shall bear them at our sides, brandishing our solemn grace and never let go of the one we love.

No, it's okay I will walk alone,
If you are going home with him.
And maybe you will spend the night,
and I just might spend it alone.
I wonder what he does.
I wonder what he says to you.
And I could never get it right.

How long did it take for me to work up the courage to talk to you without staring at the floor, and how could I deny it? The chance that I dream of, capture your irises, and I was helpless to pretend I never felt a thing.
If we were alone I promise I would practice it over and over 'till it sounds like what he says.
The songbird still tries to sing even though you blinded both its eyes it's so frightened it stays grounded.

Why cling to your hopes when you're proven so hopeless? You'll hang your head from temporal chains. You'll waste your breath for who cannot feel the same.
Track Name: The Storm Is Scared
Careful, careful. The darkness fills us all.
Feel it within me. Oh, can you feel it, too?
Time has come so quickly.
You were not prepared for the day that had arrived.
She looks your way, smile so politely.
Soon she will appreciate everything around her
as the flowers begin to die; they were just born yesterday.
The soil has turned to soot.
Any day they will come knocking,
Asking forgiveness for they never said a word.
But you will refuse; she is more important.
Heaven may be high but it’s not that hard to find.
When the clouds part after the rain,
the flowers blooming again, she waits for you
when the day ends. “Would you like to walk home
with me today?”

Such a kind soul is difficult to find.
We all need a shoulder for our own head,
for ours is too far away to rest all day.
The bruises on my face, I swear I am okay.
He did not mean to get so angry with me.
I just said some things I probably shouldn’t have said.
Demons leave you alone unless you say something to provoke them.

Here, now, it is so peaceful. I could spend all day out here with you.
Oh, please, come inside. I don’t want you to leave me.
Thunder is coming close.

Try to take your mind away from all the noises and flashing light.
The storm is scared, and if we stand our ground we might lead it away.
And if you believe that every time you close your eyes, (you will see the light)
the images you see engraved in your eyelids are just
semblances of dreams you’ve had and the only real thing
that exists right now is you and me. Believe that I won’t let you down.
Monsters live within us. Land has dried, died away.
All the birds can not stay. Cautious hands grab away.
(I know it’s hard, but you have got to close your eyes.
I know it’s hard, but we have got the light of day).

Calm, the day slowly slips away. Owls sing a dirge of quiet autumn streets.
I never want to see him again.
From the darkness, light.

Ash to ash. So we live our lives for this, bleed our blood to make it pure,
boiling through our veins, and rise to the skies, lifting our insides up so high
we can see the ground turn away.

Watching from her window you can see the stars at night.
Quietly she sleeps, and you would dare not move.
How she feels for you, oh, darkness fills us all.
She will not forget you, holding tight her hand.
Skin softer than yours; you never knew you could feel the way you feel.
Oh, darkness fills us all.
Track Name: It Never Rained So Hard that Day
Waking wide with heavy eyelids again.
The sun sits in perches above the homes of a million people trying to dress them in shades and block out all the light.
When making the sculptures carved from a block of ice, and I have made a horde of them depicting me and you.
And yours takes the most. The work is simple, but to feel it, believe in it when the touch is so cold...
This moment came on too fast; you never had a chance to think what you should do next.

(light is beaming, she is glowing. Speak soft, the lips are lost, the hope, the strength to carry on. You will yourself to love yourself, to love the places you will never see for real and it's for real, the way it feels, the way she says she feels the way you feel and it has never been so hard to say...)

Jump, feint, day breaks, the struggle, the heartache, the sweat runs down your face as you come away.
(You must know how I feel now. And you're almost there).
The desert feels like it's right next door and we can follow it forgetting all the things they used to say.
(won't you say that you do too, and don't forget the sound, and they're silent now).
Time has a place for us, the sky it has a place for us, and evermore we must keep it in mind.
(don't forget the way it feels; her hand, and what happened today)
Oh let us feel through the impulses and electricity, and act upon our animal instincts.
(tight in yours as if to stay forever the same, and the image fades).
She looks at you with tears dried on her face; you know it's safe to say.

I can not thank you enough for staying with me.
If you're ever all alone you can come find me anywhere. It's safer here with all the good you've done, and I won't forget what you mean to me.

And she smiles so apologetically.
And you put your hand to her arm so awkwardly.
It's okay, it's okay, I can take this all by myself and it's okay, it's okay. I won't make one more sound.

Watching the sun rise, hoping it won't get high enough, but you'd bet your life it will.
No matter how long it takes, the sculptures are melting even though you made them right.
Everyone says the same thing when the question is asked.

Time lets us all go so gradually that we don't suspect a thing. Look her way, see the pain, know now what you must do. Demons won't hurt her again. Your heart is growing strong.

Careful, careful, the darkness fills us all. Love will unite us again in our emptiness.
(I'd wish for the houses...; If we could open our eyes...)
Sometimes we just need (how she feels for you) a shoulder (careful, careful) for us to rest our weary head (the darkness fills us all) and graciously you offered yours and she brushes the hair back from covering her face, listening to every word that you said. She fills with sorrow and she understands. "I need you more than anything in the world." She waits to reply and takes your hand, so torturred to say "I just don't feel the same."

If we could open our bodies up to spill our guts out all over the floor you'd feel the wretchedness inside me. I will die of loss of blood, failure to cooperate and please do not resuscitate, my darling, dear, I fear I'm really gone.